monster racing - dover, de

Do you remember the 1990 Tony Scott movie, "Days of Thunder" with Tom Cruise (aka Cole Trickle)? Well, Sunday was the day of thunder for me!
Today I went to Dover, DE to race on the Dover Downs Speedway in a NASCAR with Monster Racing . What a thrill! I rode 10 laps in a very fast hot rod! I have always dreamed of driving very fast on a race track and today my dream came true. It was awesome to ride the monster mile and feel the thrill of the road. I had nervous excitement that I won't soon forget.
Just before my ride. Tom Cruise - watch out.
Me driving in action!
After I pulled in to the pit , the tech told me that I did well on the track.
Helping me out of the car. No doors on these babies!
As you can tell , I enjoyed myself!
Monster racing was fantastic! Now what next dream can I reach for? :)
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