happy birthday to me

Well, here I am cella-brating another birthday today. This is the first year without my parents. They are visiting my niece and nephew who live in Puerto Rico with their grandparents for 12 days. I usually send my parents roses on my birthday with a card "Thank you for the gift of life". Without my parents, I would not be here today. I love you mom and dad. xo

I was born at 4:38am in the morning. Funny thing is that last year I woke up at exactly 4:38am and thought...wow, I just woke up on my birthday!

This photo is me in the 3rd grade. Notice the white barrettes. My mom used to put them in my hair at night before I went to bed telling me this was to "train my straight hair to stay in place". uh huh..that worked like a charm mom! I remember waking up in the morning with an imprint of the barrett on my forehead.

I haven't changed much..other than I just don't like to wear dresses anymore :)
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