kelly + elliot - wildwood nj

There is nothing better than having a fun, animated couple (who happen to be head over heels for each other) on the Wildwood beach and boardwalk for an engagement session. Kelly + Elliot drove 3 hours from home in PA to meet me for a stellar time. It truly was one of the most fun sessions I have ever had! Their wedding is scheduled for September 2018.

Enjoy! :)

It's always fun to start the day with a little ice cream from Kohr's Bros.
"Watch the tram car please!"
We stopped into one of Elliot's favorite spots on the Wildwood boardwalk for a frosty beverage.
As you can see, Elliot was not too happy with Kelly's choice of beverage! lol
Kelly + Elliot are huge sports fans! They love the Flyers...
...and Notre Dame!
"hike! hike!"
The water was wonderfully warm and we had a beautiful day filled with perfect light.
Elliot was a life guard for the day!
Nothing beats a little game of boardwalk fun...but it seems as if these two are a little competitive!
and the winner is Kelly! "winner winner chicken dinner!" chanted the guy who was running the game lol
Nothing says "I feel like a big kid" better than the swings!
Beautiful views on the ferris wheel and a sweet kiss to remember it by ...
Now for some fun water shots!
Sweet and sexy.
What a great day! :)
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