jillian + ron - esession part 2 ocean city nj

Jillian + Ron had such a blast at their last esession (and hey, I have to admit that I did too!) that they wanted to continue the session on the beach with a picnic, champagne and a little water fun.

Once again it was an amazing night with a crowd of about 50 on the beach that gave us a standing ovation (including whistles and cheers) as we walked off the beach.

Bomb diggity! :)

Ron knows how to put a smile on Jillian's face :)
As Ron dashes down toward the water ...notice the crowd behind him. Part of the crew that gave the standing "O" at the end of the night :) They clapped and cheered during the entire session!
I love Ron's mischievous side... he looked at me to signal they were "going down"!
I love this one :)
and this one too...
another favorite....
and this one as well :)
I cannot wait until their June 2014 wedding. Bring it on!!!! :)

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