cindy + frank - stockton seaview galloway nj

It was adptly described as a wedding for friends and family from near and far to gather for what promised to be a day filled with love, laughter and contentment. But is was filled with so much more simply because a boy fell in love with a girl whose soul lights the world on fire. Cindy can walk into any room and make someone feel like they are the most special person she could spend her time with. No one knows this better than Frank, the man who acts like the match to Cindy's flame.

For as much as the couple ignites love around them, people can't help but be attracted to their light. They emit a positive , joyful energy and invite others into their love as if they'd been there, just waiting for the right moment for paths to intersect.

Congratulations Cindy + Frank. May your flame of love be eternal.

Enjoy :)
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