christine + matthew - seaview dolce galloway nj - part 1

Do you remember Christine and Matt form last summer? :)

Christine and Matt are such a wonderful couple. I felt such great vibes from them on our 1st meeting and I knew immediately that I wanted to photograph their wedding. Of course, they felt the same way! :)
On their wedding day, I asked a very good friend of mine, Michael Leslie, to help me photograph the wedding. It's always a blast to photograph with Michael.

Matt getting ready at the Seaview - Dolce Resort in Galloway NJ..
Christine getting ready with a little help from her mom.
I loved seeing the bridesmaids expressions when Christine entered into the room.
Christine received a text from Matt!
Beautiful bouquet.
At the church - Matt sees Christine head down the aisle.
Christine and Dad - tears of joy.
Lots of happy smiles.
Husband and wife...finally!
A toast in the Rolls Royce!
The bridal party makes their way onto the beach for some cool, relaxed portraits.
Matt waves to the crowd on the beach as they cheer.
Tasty, relaxed portraits.
Paula hard at work! I love the sand between between my toes for beach portraits!
One of my favorite images of the day.
Come back for part two tomorrow! :)
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